Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

As with all classics that I talk about  on this blog, this will probably be more a discussion than a review. I never read Romeo and Juliet when I was in school so I was quite excited to be reading it as part of my university course this semester.

This was a short read that I read mostly in one sitting and although I didn’t really even like any of the characters, I really enjoyed the play! I think in a lot of ways, this was an easy read; the plot was simple and the actions described were easy to understand. The Shakespearean language, though complicated at points, was, on the whole, quite easy to understand making this a great introduction to Shakespeare if you’ve somehow avoided his works so far! I think that although I don’t usually like romance stories, this is more of a tragedy so it had a lot more depth than I was expecting.

I will definitely be watching the Leonardo di Caprio film of this play soon and will do a full review on that also.

Overall I would say that if you haven’t read a Shakespeare play before, this would be a great place to start and if you are wanting to broaden the types of things that you read, this would also be a quick read to try.


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