The Time Machine by H.G.Wells

I read The Time Machine for the first time in 2012 and, again, it was one of the books on my reading list for university this semester. I realised that I didn’t really remember much of the story and so had to reread it but I am so glad that I did!

This book is set in the late nineteenth century, Victorian era England, though obviously because of the time machine itself, the distant future is explored.

The writing is a little difficult to get into because of the Victorian feel and the complexity of some of the language but once I got into it, I really got into the flow of it and this book didn’t take a long time to read at all. The book itself is only 83 pages long in my edition (which is the Everyman edition: not the one seen in the picture) and so it is a very short classic if you’re wanting to get into some classic science-fiction. The chapters are, on the whole, really short and it aids with the quick read.

This book brings up really interesting themes of humanity, equality and prejudice in a way that is both relatable and fantastical to the reader.

I love the story and the characters in this amazing gripping classic that I couldn’t put down and was light relief compared to some of the other classics that I have been having to read recently, and I would definitely recommend it!


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