Grief is a Thing with Feathers by Max Porter

25334576This is a book that I read in one sitting but I can’t fully figure out what I think of it. I don’t read poetry really (though it’s something I want to get into) so this was a new kind of writing style for me and though I got a very clear atmosphere from this book, I wasn’t always sure of what I was supposed to be taking away from certain parts.

The story is told from three points of view; the Dad, the Boys, and Crow. All three had completely different feels to their writing. Crow’s passages were particularly atmospheric but also the most difficult to understand because a lot of the time his speech was very chaotic. Though I think this was the point, as he does symbolise grief, I much preferred hearing from the family’s perspective.

Overall I loved the fairytale qualities that some of this book had and the discussion of grief on the whole but I feel that I could have gotten more out of this if I was a reader of poetry or if I’d read some Ted Hughes. I would recommend this but I think it’s one that will divide opinions.

3 out of 5 stars!


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