Happy People Read & Drink Coffee by Agnes Martin-Lugand

29413515*Disclaimer – I was sent this book for review from Atlantic Books for free in exchange for an honest review.*

I was interested in this book initially because of the beautiful cover, unique title, and the fact that this year I have been enjoying more and more French literature. However, I feel that the cover and title don’t necessarily fit the story told within.

At first, I found Diane’s story to be heartbreaking and the way that the author dealt with grief and loss was realistic in many ways. On the other hand, once the hate-to-love romance started happening, the plot lost my interest a little bit. Though I was happy with where the story ended up, I found that the author moved the plot along too quickly. Time seemed to skip ahead too much and though it kept me interested enough to carry on reading, there were gaps that I would rather have been fleshed out and developed. I think that part of this is down to the writing style; the writing, and particularly the dialogue, is extremely simplistic and lacks description so the story moves too quickly instead of lingering on important moments.

Overall I have conflicting feelings about this novel. Though I enjoyed it enough to keep reading and it kept me hooked, I feel like there were too many missed opportunities. Maybe the book just needed to be longer so that there was more space for the plot to develop. Overall, I liked the very beginning and the ending of this novel, but had many problems with the plot and characters throughout the middle, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to everyone. I think if you want an extremely fast-paced, light read then maybe give this a go, but otherwise I feel that there are other books out there that deal with this topic better.

2 out of 5 stars!


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