Animal by Sara Pascoe

29623290I listened to this book on audio and although I loved the narration style, I feel like the tone of the book was a little confused.

Sara Pascoe is a British comedian and the first half of the book really reflected that, with witty commentary to go alongside insights into the human brain, evolution and gender.

I feel like, although the second half dealt with very difficult topics such as rape, consent and abortion, this section felt like a completely different book. Obviously the author couldn’t have made light of such serious topics by making jokes, but I feel that even the topics themselves didn’t really fit with the more scientific approach of the beginning sections.

Overall, this split my opinion completely. I loved the first half, whilst I found the second half, though important, difficult to get through. I don’t always like reading about tough topics but despite that I feel like I have very conflicting feelings about this book on the whole.

3 out of 5 stars!


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