Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

18273521For a book that is over 600 pages, this took me hardly any time to read. I flew through it within about three days and loved it!

The rebirth motif that has become popular in recent years was used to great effect in this novel. The repetition of the younger years of Ursula’s life never got boring to read about as it was fun to notice the subtle differences that took place each time. I think that this type of idea can grow old pretty quickly but Atkinson managed to sustain it throughout and resulted in a highly compelling novel.

I loved the focus on what was happening during the Blitz in London as it is a perspective that is very rarely portrayed in historical fiction, especially with the female characters being part of the rescue effort. This book discusses some difficult themes, such as rape, abortion, domestic abuse, and war, but in a way that I found respectful and entirely realistic which I appreciated.

The only thing that is stopping this book being a 5 star read for me is the ending which I though was quite abrupt considering the building tension throughout the rest of the book.

Overall, I would highly recommend this novel, especially if you enjoy historical fiction but you want something a little different.

4 out of 5 stars!


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