#UnderHypedReads : Peter & Max by Bill Willingham

6463595.jpgPeter & Max  is a standalone novel based in Bill Willingham’s world of Fables, an extremely popular graphic novel series. I picked up this book on audiobook because it is narrated wonderfully by Wil Wheaton and already it has around 3160 ratings on Goodreads, I’ve never heard anyone talk about this.

This tells the story of Peter and Max Piper, two brothers who become the hero and villain characters in the story. I loved the way that Bill Willingham has used fairytale tropes and characters and put them into the modern world in ways that really play on their character traits in interesting ways.

I loved the writing style and although I understand that the graphic novel will read differently because of the format, I feel that the writing style may carry over into the original work.

I liked how Bill Willingham didn’t shy away from some of the violence in the novel, especially where Max was concerned, and I think that although this is set around a fantasy setting and well-known fantasy characters, a lot of their actions were believable and grounded in our real world.

I would recommend this book, whether you’ve read the graphic novel series or not, and I will definitely be reading the first volume soon!

4 out of 5 stars!


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