Seven Brief Lessons in Physics by Carlo Rovelli

25485216I was really excited about reading this book and unfortunately I was completely disappointed with this one.

The book itself is gorgeous; a jacketless hardback with copper foiling, this intrigued me from the first time I saw it.

This is marketed as a simple starter book of physics, told in seven lessons. However, I felt that this book was extremely superficial, giving too much of the authors own bias despite being extremely simple.

I also found that though every other scientist in the book was described through their scientific work, the author felt the need to define Stephen Hawking with the following:

…the physicist famous for having continued to produce outstanding physics despite a medical condition which keeps him confined to a wheelchair and prevents him from speaking without a mechanical aid.

  1. Who doesn’t know who Stephen Hawking is?
  2. Why isn’t he described through his scientific breakthroughs instead of his disability? (granted the author then goes into his development in black hole theory but this introduction to a world-renowned physicist made me feel uncomfortable)
  3. Why was this description even relevant to the book?

I felt that this book took simplicity to a level where the author was almost talking down to the reader and although I am no expert when it comes to science and physics, I think if you’ve read or watched science-fiction or anything to do with science or space, you will not take much away from this. The only good thing I could say about this (apart from the beautiful packaging) is that it has made me want to read something more in depth about these topics.

Overall I couldn’t recommend this book to be honest. I think there are other books out there that would explain these scientific theories in a better way.

1 out of 5 stars!


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