A Portable Shelter by Kirsty Logan

25726385Literally everyone and their mother loves this book. I actually borrowed the limited edition hardcover from my mum. I have to be honest though and say that I didn’t really enjoy this collection of short stories.

The writing was beautiful in parts but I found it a little clunky at points; there was something about the writing that distanced me from all of the stories.

The stories themselves were okay but I found the majority of them to be extremely slow. However the second half of the book was much better for me and I particularly liked ‘Flinch’. I found that this was the most developed of the short pieces and the one that I felt a connection with.

The fairytale and magical realism elements were woven through each story in a way that gave them all a disconcerting atmosphere, something that I enjoyed in some stories but in others it felt forced.

Overall I was disappointed by this book and although I’m glad I read it to see what I thought of it for myself, it’s not something I would personally recommend, though I understand why people love this book.

2 out of 5 stars!


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