Lumberjanes (Issues 1-10) by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, & Brooke A. Allen

Lumberjanes #1Lumberjanes #2Lumberjanes #3Lumberjanes #4Lumberjanes #5Lumberjanes #6Lumberjanes #7Lumberjanes #8Lumberjanes #9Lumberjanes #10

Lumberjanes is a series that I’ve heard a lot of people rave about so when I saw it on Scribd I knew I had to read it.

The illustration style of the series overall was right up my street; it was very cartoony and colourful but not overly childish. Though cartoony, and the story is definitely suitable for younger readers, I found that there was enough detail and action to keep me interested in the series.

I am usually not much of a comic book reader as I don’t tend to be drawn to paying too much money for such short issues, but using Scribd is brilliant and I will definitely be checking out more series on that app.

Overall Lumberjanes was a fun and action-packed read that I would recommend. I rated all of the volumes between 2 and 5 stars and thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience. The ninth issue compiles artwork from many different artists, some of which didn’t really appeal to me but on the whole I enjoyed it. I especially like the LGBT aspects that were present and the mostly female cast of characters.

3 out of 5 stars for the series overall!


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