The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

This book took me by surprise. It starts off incredibly depressing but as it goes on, there is a depth to it that I wasn’t expecting. I read Love, Rosie (or Where Rainbows End) last year and it ended up being one of my favourite books of 2014 so I thought I should read more by the same author. I picked up The Year I Met You without knowing anything about it and that was definitely an advantage I think.

This book tackles some serious themes in a way that is heartfelt and entirely realistic, from divorce to disability, and I loved how the characters were all flawed. They were flawed in ways that made them feel like real people and I really enjoyed that about this book.

There was a satisfaction when I finished this book that not everything was tied up. I was hoping that there wouldn’t be a cliched or predictable ending and Cecelia Ahern didn’t disappoint.

This book was not as enjoyable as Love, Rosie for me but I think that this is an accessible read that I would definitely recommend. It has also really made me want to read everything else by this author.

3 out of 5 stars!



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