Film Reviews: Paper Towns (2015)

sq_paper_townsI went to see Paper Towns tonight at the advance UK screening and here’s what I thought.

I have only read Paper Towns once, a few years ago now, and I have to say, although it wasn’t my favourite of John Green’s books, I really enjoyed it. I put off rereading it until after the film but I will definitely reread it soon I think.

The casting, originally, was a little worrying for me but all that disappeared when I saw the trailer and now I’ve seen the film I think it was perfect. Cara Delevigne and Nat Wolff made amazing leads in this film and the characters were perfectly portrayed. Ben, Radar, Lacey and Angela were hilarious and there were truly laugh-out-loud moment throughout the viewing experience.

The message of Paper Towns the book and now the movie is an important one and I think the creators of this film did an awesome job of being honest to John’s book whilst making it its own thing to be experienced. Of course changes were made; changes have to be made because the storytelling changes from medium to medium. I can’t wait to see more of John Green’s book brought to life on the big screen and I would highly recommend everyone go see this when it comes out later this month.

5 out of 5 stars!


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