The Blue Donkey Fables by Suniti Namjoshi

downloadI picked up this book from my fiancé’s parents’ bookshelf on a whim. It looked like something a bit different to get me out of my horrendous reading slump (I’ve been barely reading the last three weeks or so) and I think it may have done the trick, though this is by no means a perfect book for me.

As stated in the title, this book is basically a collection of poems and short stories, all with fable-like qualities with a magical realism twist. I am not a big reader of poetry; it’s definitely something I have to read several times before I feel I grasp the full meaning of it. This was the case with this collection.

Namjoshi’s writing style made for an easy yet beautifully deep read, full of important themes about race, sexuality and feminism. I think that this should be something that more people start reading again as although it was originally published in 1988, I haven’t heard anyone talking about it and I think that there are definitely interesting discussions to be had about this collection.

Overall, although I didn’t necessarily fully understand some of this collection, I feel that it is a great introduction to Namjoshi’s writing and something that I think more people should be reading and talking about.

3 out of 5 stars!

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