Girl with a White Dog by Anne Booth

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book at work in exchange for an honest review.

Jessie is excited when her gran gets a white Alsatian puppy, but with Snowy’s arrival a mystery starts to unfold. As Jessie learns about Nazi Germany at school, past and present begin to slot together and she uncovers something long-buried, troubling and somehow linked to another girl and another white dog…

This book sounded promising and going into it I expected quite a moving Young Adult novel and sadly I was disappointed.

Although the novel handles some big issues, such as Nazi Germany, illness and immigration, I felt like some of them were handled in a way that made this an uncomfortable read for me. The way that the foreign workers were portrayed in this novel made it really uncomfortable to read about and I feel like it could have been handled in a way that showed the characters’ prejudices by the end but I don’t feel like this book did that successfully. I am aware that this is for younger YA readers and I’m not sure that the messages given in the novel were clear enough or well-portrayed. I also feel that although diversity-wise there was a disabled main character and also a disabled side-character, they were there just to affect the outcome and themes of the story rather than them just being treated as normal characters.

Overall, the writing style was concise and quick to get through (I read this in one sitting) but unfortunately I can’t say I would recommend Girl with a White Dog due to the way certain themes were handled.

1 out of 5 stars!


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