Hamlet by William Shakespeare

This is one of the many university books I have to read this semester and I must confess, I really wasn’t looking forward to it. Hamlet is arguably one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and although I knew the main gist of the story, I thought it would be confusing and wouldn’t hold my attention, as that is how I’ve felt in the past about Shakespeare.

However, I really enjoyed this play. The characters were deep and had believable motivations behind their actions and in a way, I actually wish it was longer! The ending seemed a bit rushed in text but I’m assuming that on stage and on film, these scenes would be extended upon.

Overall I think I can safely say that this is now probably my favourite Shakespeare play. I was interested throughout and the plot held my attention. I am now really looking forward to watching the film adaptation with Kenneth Branagh. I think if Shakespeare is something that you usually avoid, try Hamlet because personally I found it much easier to understand than others and a lot more interesting. This edition also has a lot of useful notes and additional information about the play which is great if you’re studying it.

4 out of 5 stars!



  1. Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play. I really enjoyed the adaptations starring Sir Laurence Olivier, and also the one with David Tennant! Richard III is another favorite of mine. 😀

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