Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern

Honestly, I never thought I’d pick up a Cecelia Ahern book. I always thought that her books would be soppy and just not my thing but oh boy was I wrong!

I picked up Love, Rosie (formally known as Where Rainbows End) after seeing the wonderful film trailer and I absolutely sped through it. Already, without having seen the full movie, I can see that there are massive changes in the adaptation, but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

At 558 pages, it is pretty long for an adult contemporary story but I found the writing fast-paced and the story of these characters’ lives gripping from start to finish. Written in letters, texts and emails, this is a surprisingly quick read that draws you in, giving you clues along the way that sometimes even the characters don’t see and making you truly care about these people, especially Rosie and Alex. The format felt natural, once I got used to it, and it didn’t feel gimmicky to me in the slightest.

Overall I adored this novel. Sure the ending was a little….neat?…shall I say, but I absolutely loved it and couldn’t have asked for anything more. If you love contemporary fiction, you need this. If you want a brilliantly told story of love and friendship, you need this. If you want to laugh and cry whilst reading, you need this. Love, Rosie is definitely now one of my favourite contemporary novels of all time and I will be sure to pick up something else by the wonderful Cecelia Ahern in the future.

5 out of 5 stars!



  1. Glad you loved it so much.:) I’ve read it when I was in Uni (at the beginning of my studying journey) and loved it back then. Yea, it was sad for me to realize that SPOILER! *they could be together only at the end* END OF THE SPOILER! and it was the same feeling I got when I read One day later. But still, such a good novel. I loved their interactions, those letters (*.*) and their story overall.. ah. Nostalgia hits me.
    Can’t wait for the movie now.

  2. I’m so happy you enjoyed it that much! I’ve only read P.S. I Love You by Cecelia, but it already made me love her! Her writing is just incredible, it makes you laugh, makes you cry and feel all possible emotions, right? Even though they’re all quite big, when you realise hours have passed but you just can’t stop! Haha Now I can’t wait to put my hands on Love, Rosie and also watch the film! Great review! 😀

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