#CatchUpReadathon Progress, Plans & Updates!

I haven’t spoken about this on my blog so far but Sophie over on the Book People’s Youtube channel has started a readathon, which runs from Monday 25th (so yesterday) until midnight on Sunday 31st August. This is a readathon to catch up on your TBR pile and knock off some of those titles you’ve been putting off forever. There are 4 challenges that you should seek to accomplish but it’s a pretty low pressure readathon so you just do what you can!

  1. A book that’s been on your shelf forever
  2. A book that you were gifted/given and haven’t read yet
  3. A book that you have previously abandoned
  4. The longest book on your book shelf

I actually picked out several books for each challenge, just so I’d have a little bit of choice when it came to which book I could pick up (I’ve learnt that strict TBR piles just don’t work for me during readathons).

1. Cloud Atlas/The Time Traveller’s Wife/The Shadow of the Wind

These are all books that I have had on my shelf for around 2 years and they are each around 500 pages, which I usually wouldn’t even attempt during a readathon but the aim is to catch up so I thought I’d challenge myself with this one. On my TBR video I did ask viewers to suggest which one to pick up (though I did say as a disclaimer that I wouldn’t necessarily go with the highest number suggested because I tend to just pick up what I’m in the mood for but I wanted opinions) and the majority of people suggested The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon but in the end when I got to picking my books up on Day 1, I chose Cloud Atlas. This was something that a few people advised against, despite them loving the book, as it is a pretty slow and sometimes confusing read but I felt that this was the book I had been putting off the most, for those same reasons, and that this would be a great opportunity to actually pick it up and give it a go! I’ve wanted to see the film adaptation since it was released a few years ago so it’s about time I read this.

I started Cloud Atlas on Day 1 and got 144 pages into it.


2. I Can’t Begin To Tell You/Summer at the Lake/The Madness Underneath/Black Beauty

For this one I chose the book I was already 110 pages into which was I Can’t Begin to Tell You by Elizabeth Buchan. This was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by Penguin so that definitely counts as a book I was given. This book comes out on 28th August so I needed to buckle down and read it so I could post my review on or before the release date.

I read 78 pages more of this on Day 1 (on page 188 overall). This is a refreshing change of pace from Cloud Atlas as it is must more fast-paced with regards to writing style. Also the plot is completely different, set in World War 2 Denmark and England.

3.A Natural History of Dragons/Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief/The Book Thief

For this challenge, I am still unsure of which one I will be choosing. This will probably be the last challenge I complete.

4. Wise Man’s Fear/Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell/A Discovery of Witches

I chose to read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness for this challenge because I am already 297 pages into it. Although it is about 220 pages off being the longest book on my shelf, it is still a whopping 688 pages so I would love to get this finished very soon.

I already own the other two books in this trilogy and I will be attending the Deborah Harkness event and signing in Birmingham on 10th September so I would love to get at least the first book completed by that time.


So that’s my TBR! If you would like to join in with the readathon just use #CatchUpReadathon on Twitter and tell @TheBookPeople you’re taking part!



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