21st Century Dodos by Steve Stack (BEDA #9)

I received this book from NetGalley. This book is a real trip down memory lane for the reader. There are some things in here that I am not old enough to remember but many things I really miss! Basically this book is a collection of things that have gone extinct or are endangered, things like VHS, Marathon bars and blackboards.

Many things were nostalgic for me such as the change from Opal Fruits to Starburst in 1998, the extinction of dial-up internet with that crackly tone and “I need to use the phone!” being shouted up the stairs, the 10p mix which would probably only contain one sweet in today’s extortionately priced sweet shops and the amazing Woolworths (home of the 10p mix).

This is a great coffee table read, a book that will spark a conversation about your most missed items, a book to flip through when you want to feel nostalgic for things that no longer exist.

Obviously there are things that aren’t mentioned in this book, Stack couldn’t include everything. For example, anyone remember Starburst Joosters? They were the only jelly beans I ever liked and where are they now? Overall, however, there is a wide range of objects mentioned in this book and it definitely makes for a fun quick read.


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