Amadeus by Peter Shaffer (BEDA #1)

I picked this up because I really want to get into plays. I was supposed to read this for university last year but didn’t get around to it so I thought I should catch up.

I went into this not knowing anything about it at all and I’m glad I did. The story of Mozart and Salieri was completely unknown to me and to be honest I have no idea how much of this play is fiction but I enjoyed it all the same.

As I am not too accustomed to reading plays, I was happy that this one was written in a way that was easy to follow and that really kept me engaged throughout. The stage directions and the dialogue were written beautifully and the themes discussed were really interesting overall.

There were some vulgar jokes and some outrageous actions from some of the characters but I think that it all suited the play and the plot quite well. I liked the way it included themes of the seven deadly sins as these were interesting to think about whilst reading.

This is a play that definitely translates well into being read, not just performed, and I enjoyed the writing style enough that it didn’t drag at any point. My only problem with this piece was that I didn’t like or connect with any of the characters so the consequences of their actions, no matter how dramatic, didn’t really evoke any emotion in me in a particularly strong way. Putting this aside this is definitely a classic piece of drama that is worth a read in my opinion.



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