The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy

This is another book that I tackled during the Booktubeathon and ended up finishing all 436 pages of it in one day!

This follows the story of four ‘Prince Charming’s and their adventures. I really enjoyed the way that Christopher Healy included so many different fairytales into his novel, showing things that we are all familiar with whilst putting a new spin on each of the stories and characters. The female characters were kick-butt in this which I loved and the way that the princes weren’t just the typical hero types really made them endearing characters that I completely fell in love with reading about.

With this being a middle-grade novel, the writing style was quite simple but not in a way that was condescending. It was thoughtful and intelligent, getting across a great message whilst telling an action-packed and hilarious story.

I would thoroughly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys middle-grade fiction, adventure stories or fairytales, as this really does have everything you could want from that kind of book!

hero's guide


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