The Frankenstein Journals by Scott Sonneborn

I got this from NetGalley because it looked like a fun illustrated children’s book. When I picked this up to read it today I just wanted something quick and fun and this definitely fit the bill.

In this combination of two separately published works, J.D. discovers that he is the son of Frankenstein’s monster, and armed with the Doctor’s journal he sets out to find his “relatives”–the descendents and relations of the people whose body parts Doctor Frankenstein used.

The writing style is simple and I think definitely suited to a younger age group rather than adults like me but this was still a fun quick read.

One of the main things that made this refreshing for me were the illustrations. Timothy Banks’ illustrations adorn almost every page and really bring the story to life. From the tiny doodles that express the protagonist’s thoughts and opinions to the full page spreads of detailed images, Banks’ illustrations are colourful and add a lot to the novel.

Overall I liked the story but it is¬†definitely more of a book for young children because it has the usual no-parents thing that a lot of children’s books have and also all of the adults are really irresponsible, as you would expect in a children’s adventure book. This book is set to be released 1st August and would be a great book to buy for the younger readers in your life around Halloween.


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