Experimental Landscapes in Watercolour by Ann Blockley

This review is a little bit different from my usual because it is a review of a non-fiction book based on one of my other primary interests, apart from fiction, which is art. I received this book through NetGalley for review and read through most of it in one sitting.

Usually with this type of book I would use it more as a reference, something to flip through when in need of inspiration, something to look at more than read, but with this one, especially because it was in ebook format, I found myself interested enough to keep reading which I think is testament to Ann Blockley who made something quite personal, such as creativity, into something that I felt I was learning from.

Personally I haven’t actually created any art now for a little over a year as I haven’t felt inspired and haven’t known what to try to get back into it, but with this book I felt myself wanting to try the different techniques and methods described in the book.

A lot of this book consists of Ann giving examples of her own paintings and describing the processes she went through to achieve those looks. I found this to be really useful as a lot of painting books give samples but not finished paintings. Ann made it so that as a reader and as someone trying to get back into art, I could see how a simple technique could be used to great effect in a finished piece.

Overall I would definitely recommend this if you are interested in art or want some tips on watercolour painting in different ways. This is a great example of how watercolour art can be abstract and unusual and ultimately more interesting.


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