0.4 (Human.4) by Mike Lancaster

I picked this up during the Review Copy Readathon as a break from my review copies and as I am taking part in Regan’s #shitihavetoomanybooks readathon too I though it would be a nice quick dystopian read.

I went into this novel knowing nothing about it which made it a lot more mysterious. This novel is written in a very strange way; the book itself is fictional transcripts of  tapes that were recorded by the protagonist with little inserted notes from the ‘editor’ Mike A. Lancaster telling the reader about some of the details, as if we are from a future time like Lancaster. It sounds confusing but when I was reading it made perfect sense so don’t let my terrible description put you off!

I think that this book, although labelled as YA, would definitely suit younger audiences more; I found that although it was fast-paced and I enjoyed it (I read it in one sitting) the solutions came too easily, the concept though interesting was a little underdeveloped. I think more could have been done with the ideas presented in this book and it could have been a lot more atmospheric and darker.

Although I did have problems with this book, overall I found it to be really fast paced and written in a way that made me fly through the pages. I would recommend it to younger readers but I think that it is a little too basic for older YA audiences, just because it didn’t feel fully fleshed out. I did however enjoy this book but I think it was just a little too young and slightly gimicky for me.


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