One Day by David Nicholls

This book had been sitting on my shelf for almost two years before I finally decided, at the end of April, that it was about time I pick it up. I actually have the movie tie in edition but all of the covers have this same sort of theme so I wanted to show what the more popular cover looks like.

This book tells the stories of Dexter and Emma, friends who have known each other since university, and it tells their story each day for twenty years.

As this book is told through just one day each year of these characters’ lives, I thought it may become repetitive but I found that it brought up some really interesting ideas about the consequences of small events and decisions, really drawing me into the story. I loved, and sometimes hated, the characters though I do feel that they were completely realistic and although I didn’t like what was happening at points, it was almost like watching a car crash – I just needed to know what was going to happen.

Before picking this up, I’d heard that it was little depressing and to be honest, I wouldn’t say it is depressing but I would advise to not go into this expecting everything to be bright and happy as with most contemporary novels; this is unlike anything I’ve ever read in its realism and also it’s head-on way of dealing with things that take place throughout these peoples’ lives.

Although this definitely didn’t have the happy ending I was expecting, I really like the way it ended and I’m really happy that I persevered with this despite being in a bit of a ‘reading slump’ at the time.

I would highly recommend this funny and tragic tale of love that spans twenty years – I’ve never read anything like it.


    • I haven’t seen the film yet but I’m planning on doing so soon! From the trailer it looks like it has stayed pretty close to the book….There were moments in the book that I really didn’t like the characters but as I said in the review, I think that added to the realism of it so I pushed through the bits I didn’t like =)

      • I’ll definitely put up a review of it once I watch it….it’ll probably be in a month or so though so that I don’t have the book in my head too strongly whilst watching it =)

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