Film Review: Driving Lessons (2006)

I watched this film 1) because I only have a 30 trial on Netflix so I’m making the most of it! and 2) it has Rupert Grint AND Julie Walters in it. As usual, I went into this knowing nothing about it other than it is considered a ‘coming of age’ story, and I am so glad I watched this.

Usually I don’t really like books or films where religion plays too heavily but in this film the oppressive religious mother really did make the most contrasting character to the more liberal Eve Walton, played by Julie Walters, and I think that it worked really well.

I would definitely consider this a coming of age story myself and also a comedy. It has some hilarious moments and some touching scenes. The weirdest thing for me was hearing Rupert Grint swear! First and foremost he will always be Ron Weasley to me but despite that, and with Julie Walters who played his mother in the Harry Potter series, these felt like completely different characters. I really loved the dynamic between them and although this is very much a character based film, it still kept my attention to the end.

There were a few tiny plot points that didn’t quite tie up at the end but apart from that I really loved this film and find it really inspirational. Definitely one I will revisit someday!


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