The Geek’s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

This book was sent to me ages ago, at the end of last year in fact, and I am so sorry that I’ve only just gotten around to reading it!

This is a non-fiction dating guide for all those of a geeky persuasion and I absolutely enjoyed this.

There are so many references to video games, films, television shows and tabletop games and although I didn’t understand all of them, I think that you can still get a lot out of it all the same. Although Smith seemed a little against Peter Jackson’s Lord of the RIngs trilogy (how can you not like those films?!) I really enjoyed the references that connected these fictional worlds to real-life situations.

Overall this is a really fun book that had me laughing out loud at points and I think it would be a quirky book to pick up whether you’re in a relationship or not because on the whole it was interesting and humourous.

This book would also make a great gift as Quirk Books really excelled themselves with the production of this one; the cover and the design of each page, with the 8-bit drawings, are adorable and really tie the whole thing together.

I would definitely recommend this one and I’m so glad that I got around to it eventually!


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