Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse by Torben Kuhlmann

I picked this up on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I am so glad that I got a chance to read it!

This is an adorable story about a mouse who invents a small plane so he can escape from Germany and reach America to join the rest of the mice. The artwork was gorgeous and so unusual from a lot of illustration styles I see in children’s books nowadays. The realism of the images really made the story itself sound more realistic despite, you know, the flying mouse! and I think that it gave the story a magical quality that it always so great to find when reading books targeted at this kind of age-group.

The writing and the story itself were engaging and although this is a short book it really got me thinking about the symbolism and the meaning behind the plot within a very short amount of time. I would love to pick up a hard copy of this when it comes out – it is definitely a story I would like to share with younger family members and I would definitely recommend it!

This book is released 1st May 2014 so make sure you check it out.

Order it here: Book Depository

Author: Torben Kuhlmann


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