The Hugo Movie Companion by Brian Selznick

This isn’t the type of book that I would usually pick up but I noticed it in Poundland, obviously for £1, and couldn’t pass it up!

I read The Invention of Hugo Cabret last month and really enjoyed it so I watched the movie soon afterwards. I really enjoyed the film too so picking this up was high up on my to-do list and it is a great book!

It is definitely one of the most fast-paced non-fiction reads that I have ever attempted to read and I think that part of that was my interest in the subject matter but also I think that it was due to the amount of illustrations and photographs included.

Unlike most movie companions I have seen, this book is a normal sized hardback book, not a large A4 style one, with gold foiling on the cover and a great production quality. This made it all the more enjoyable to read in my  opinion.

I think that the writing style is very simple so this book could definitely be read by a younger reader but as an adult I found the information to be extremely interesting and it was a great addition to both the book and the film.

I found learning about the cast and crews’ backgrounds really inspiring and I would especially recommend this book to anyone who likes the book or film, or anyone interested in a career in film making. This is not the most in-depth book but I think there is some interesting and useful information in it.



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