Film Review: Frozen (2013)

I finally got around to watching Frozen and I have to say, for a film that won an Oscar, I kind of expected more. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this film but the one thing that I disliked was the plot.

This is a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen and that was definitely evident throughout but I just think that a lot of aspects of the storyline were a little predictable.

The music was really good, especially Idina Menzel’ song, but I think that it was lacking in the second half of the film to be honest. It seemed like there was a song every five minutes in the first half and then nothing in the second.

One thing I loved was the characters. Olaf the snowman added a great comedy note to the movie and the reindeer was adorable! The animation was amazing and I did really like some of the characters but overall I think that this would be mostly enjoyable for family viewing and children.

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