The Crucible by Arthur Miller

I read The Crucible as one of my university reads and as I was reading from a collection of Arthur Miller’s works, as it was with The Great Gatsby, this will only count as 0.2 of a book on my 2014 book list (at least until I read the rest of the plays in the book!).

I read this play in one sitting. It is 107 pages in my edition and it was really fast paced so I flew through it and really enjoyed it on the whole!

The plot of this play centres around a hysteria that surrounds Salem in 1692 when a lot of women in the village are accused of witchcraft. I really love reading about witches and the history of witches so the plot really appealed to me but also, the way this play was written made it accessible, even if you don’t usually like reading plays.

I really enjoyed the characters throughout as they all really made me think about the situation and the hysteria that was going on. It made me wonder how true to life it was and also I had no idea who to trust the entire way through  which kept me completely engaged.

I would thoroughly recommend this play to anyone who loves reading about witchcraft or for someone who wants to read a very accessible and easy to read play.


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  1. […] The Crucible by Arthur MillerI read this play as part of my university course and really enjoyed it! It is really short so I read it in one sitting and I would have to say that this is probably one of my favourite plays now (even though I gave it 4 stars not 5). I feel like this would improve on rereading and the idea of the plot just fascinates me. […]

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