Mary E. Twomey Author Interview!

Reading/Writing Questions

  1. Best place to start is at the beginning, or so they say! So what first inspired you to write?

– I have always been writing, even before I understood I could make a career out of it. When I was a little girl, before I learned to write the alphabet, I would scribble in notebooks stories that I made up. In my head, they made perfect sense, even though I could not write them down properly.

  1. Having written in different genres, which would you say has been your favourite so far, and what new genre would you like to try?

– Oh, fantasy fiction is by far my favourite. Gravity is subjective, laws of physics can be bent and broken without huge ramification. I just finished up a dystopia fantasy trilogy that would be in the Hunger Games genre. That was the most fun I’ve had with a series. What would I like to try? All of them. I would love to be able to write all sorts, but for now, fantasy is my weapon of choice.

  1. Obviously, ‘Jack and Yani Love Harry Potter’ is full of different fandoms. What would you say influenced that the most? Are you a Potterhead? A Whovian? A Twihard? Are you Sherlocked? Or something else?

– I am a Harry Potter girl, hands down. I throw an annual birthday party for Harry Potter every year for my friends (who are mostly in their thirties). They shake their heads and smile, but I make a mean Stoat sandwich, so they come anyway. As long as Rosmerta’s mead doesn’t run out, they’ll pretty much show up to anything goofy that’s going on at our house. Aside from good old Harry, I dove headfirst into Twilight and did not resurface for a long time.

  1. Linking with that, if you were to meet an author of your choice, what would you ask them?

– Oh, I’d take Richelle Meade dress shopping, I’d drink hot chocolate and giggle about cute boys with Cassandra Clare, and I’d get some steady business advice from J.K. Rowling. Only, in my imagination, I’d call her Jo, or J-Ro. She’d call me, you know, Mary.

  1. How has social networking influenced your writing career?

– Oy, social networking. It can be great, and also time-consuming. It’s a necessary tool that I do my best to spend an appropriate amount of time on. However, when it becomes more of a focus than actual writing, I take a giant step back. I have a facebook page I update regularly. You can find me here:

The Random Ones!

  1. This is the classic three wish question and the one I’m always curious about – If you had three wishes granted to you by a magical wish-giving genie, who always happens to be floating around in these scenarios, what would you wish for? No “more wishes” answers!

– 1) Remember that show “Out of this World”? Evie Garland was this alien who could freeze time. Would love that ability. I could sleep in, pay proper attention to everyone, finish books in a blink and have a magically clean house at all times. 2) I wouldn’t mind me a magic wand. A little tool to cook, clean and fix things with a simple wave. 3) I know it sounds silly (we’re talking about a genie though, so I think that’s allowed), but I’d love someone of influence to read The Way, book one of the dystopia trilogy I just put out. I have the most hope for that series, and wish beyond wish that it somehow serendipitously falls into the right hands at the right time. I think if enough of us collectively wish it, it might happen. So everyone now…

  1. Back to fandoms, if you could meet any fictional character from a television programme to share an adventure with, who would you pick?

– Oh, Sam and Dean, hands down. I adore Supernatural. Love the guy humor. I don’t know why guy humor always hits my funny bone harder than other brands, but that show presents all my favourite types of adventures. Of course, in real life, I’m actually a big chicken, so I’d probably be a B character who gets killed off early on while swooning at Jensen Ackles.

  1. What prop from their world would you “accidentally” take while they’re not looking?

– Perhaps the rabbit’s foot? I could use some amazing luck. I know the point is that you always lose it, but hopefully I could beat those odds.

  1. If you and your chosen character were to land in any book what would you rather be dropped in – Hogwarts, The Capitol, Forks, or Middle Earth?

– Probably The Capitol. Sam and Dean are fairly fierce, so I’d try to just keep my head down and use my mad vegetarian skills to rustle up some useful berries for everyone to eat. Then listen to them complain about the lack of cheeseburgers and pie. Oy, boys.

  1. On the return trip, after returning all of the stolen characters and props to their rightful homes, you decide to take a piece of your chosen world with you. What tempting item would you bring back home as a souvenir?

– Could I stuff a jabberjay in my pack? I’d like something to sing me to sleep at night.

This or That? (in other words, all the ones that every reader is really interested in…)

  1. Tea or coffee?

– Tea. Coffee gives me the jitters, and I’m already too high energy for that.

  1. Handwritten or typed?

– Oo, that’s a toughie. I used to handwrite everything, but I realized no one could read anything I wrote because my script is super tiny and tight. Now I type everything to save time. For the record, I like my handwriting. I’m a lefty, so I tilt the paper on its side and write straight up, instead of left to right. When I first started school, I read and wrote from right to left for a long time. So, to say that I’m backwards is probably fairly accurate.

  1. Summer or winter?

– Winter. I’m pale as a ghost, so the sun is generally out to get me. Plus, all the good holidays are in the winter.

  1. Early-bird or night-owl?

– Night owl. Given the opportunity, I would reverse my days. I write best when the sun is down.

  1. Classic or contemporary?

– Depends on which is less of a pain to deal with at that moment, and which is prettier.

  1. Chocolate or cake?

– Can’t I have both? Oh, fine. Cake. I actually run a 501(c)(3) called Jesus Loves the Little Children, Inc. that bakes and delivers cakes and cupcakes to at-risk, homeless or battered children and teens. A month without cake? Does not happen in my house. I like inventing cakes for my family for their birthdays. For my sister-in-law last year I made her a vegan double layer cake, top layer coconut, bottom layer dark chocolate espresso, with chocolate peanut butter frosting, and toasted coconut on top. Yes, I love her.

  1. Present the Hunger Games or work for the Ministry?

– Oh, no one could present the Hunger Games better than Stanley Tucci. He’s perfection. I guess I’ll work for the Ministry. I could be a sly double agent somehow. Then I could work with Mr. Weasley.

  1. Cycle or walk?

– Walk.

  1. Video games or board games?

– Board games. That’s safer for everyone involved. I’m very competitive, but have absolutely no aptitude for video games. It’s a bad combination. I have been banned from playing Ms. Pacman in public, because my mouth gets taken over by an angry sailor.

  1. Facebook or Twitter?

– Facebook. Twitter is a little high maintenance for me to put enough effort into it to make it viable. I do have a Twitter @shesleepssoftly, but I post more interesting stuff on my author facebook page.




  1. Great interview, Charlotte! I always look forward to the “genie” question. Reading interviews on authors and learning about them, personally, reminds me of when I was younger and would see a teacher outside of school. What??? They are real people??? Lol!

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