Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

I’ll be honest; Jane Austen is an author who was completely alien to me before reading Pride and Prejudice. I have heard amazing things about her classic novels from Youtubers such as Misty from TheBookRat who is a true Austenite, but I have always had the preconceived idea in my head that Austen’s novels are just romantic fluffy reads and this is something that doesn’t really appeal to me, especially in a classic.

However, for my second semester in university I have had to read Pride and Prejudice and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised by my enjoyment of this novel. Initially the writing style was difficult to get to grips with but after a few chapters it started to flow a lot better and it was gripping despite the lack of action. Obviously there is a plot but it revolves mostly around the characters rather than the events so it is a slow read but one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

The characters were mostly all psychologically fleshed out and relateable in their own ways, with Elizabeth being the main character. She is very flawed but also very human and realistic which made the novel a much easier book to follow. I have never read anything else set in Regency England but this book definitely had the right kind of atmosphere that you would expect from a novel set in that time period.

I did find this book extremely addicting and although it isn’t amazingly plot driven, I felt myself thinking about the possible outcomes for the characters as I was reading and also when I was away from the book, which is unusual for me! By the end of the novel, I cared deeply about the majority of the characters (not caring for some of them at all which I think was the author’s intention!) and I think this is definitely going to be a classic that I reread in the future when there is not so much pressure to read it (because of university and time constraints). Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this classic novel and although it is a slower read, it is one that I will no doubt revisit through the adaptations, sequels or rereads.



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