Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson

When I was in Cambridge visiting family, I was browsing their bookshelves and found Double Act, which is on the BBC Top 200 list. I otherwise wouldn’t pick this book up but I was interested in reading it mostly because I am trying to work through that list and this was a great opportunity to read it without having to get it from the library.  I used to read Jacqueline Wilson books when I was a child but I can’t remember which I have read so thought I’d read this one, with it being on the list.

The characters were irritating straight away. Ruby, the main voice in this, is very ignorant of her twin sister and although she is only ten years old, I found her to be a very difficult protagonist to like.

This book tackles some tough issues and is written in a way that would be relatable to younger readers. I can appreciate that the illustrations would probably be appealing to a younger reader that this book is aimed at but I didn’t really like them too much.

I think overall, this book has a lot of great messages for children and obviously the rating would have been a lot higher if I was a younger reader, but I think that unlike some other children’s books, this one didn’t really transcend the age range so I wouldn’t really recommend it to older readers.

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