Revived by Cat Patrick

 During the Bout of Book readathon I just caved and went to the library, picking up 8 books in total and this was one of them. I knew pretty much nothing about this book before reading it and was simply dragged in by the tagline:

The first time I died, I was five years old.

Straight away the characters and the writing style drew me into the story and I felt that it was fast-paced and mysterious, something that I wanted to get back to when I put it down, a book that I wanted to figure out and know what was happening the whole way through.

Although I found the romance in this book a little bit insta-love, I really liked both people involved, especially the male character (who I shall not name but it becomes pretty obvious early in the book).

The way this book unfolds is a great mystery with a lot of tension and suspense. Although it is a dystopian and science-fiction (or at least it is classed as that on goodreads), it is set in modern times instead of the future so everything the characters talk about is familiar, apart from the Revive drug itself.

I don’t really want to say too much about this book, just in case I spoil it, but what I will say is that it brought up some great themes and issues. Yes, this book has its flaws but it is so fast-paced and mysterious that you wouldn’t struggle to read it in a day as I did!


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