The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

 This book was popular on Youtube a while ago but since then I haven’t heard too much about it. I received this for Christmas from my mum and just had to start it straight away – I needed something a bit lighter after reading Uglies, not that Uglies was too heavy, just I needed to be reading something a bit lighter whilst trying to tackle my university reading list.

This story just intrigued me and I think the cover was also part of that decision to pick it up whilst Christmas shopping with my mum. It is such an unusual cover and I love the illustration style, the mixed media look with the photographs and graphics, and the bold raised typography; a very unusual over for the Young Adult genre.

‘The Future of Us’ is set in 1996 and, although I was only just 5 years old at the time, the setting is very nostalgic for me with the dial-up internet and the music. The main female character, Emma, listens to Green Day throughout the novel and as they has been one of my favourite bands since I was thirteen and this was a really nice touch.

The storyline was a little repetitive at points but it was fast-paced and written in such a way that it was seamless, even though it is written by two authors. The chapters were short and I found the concept extremely interesting, logging onto Facebook in 1996 and seeing your profile 15 years before it’s happened would be interesting but really scary too! Having the knowledge of Facebook now, I found a lot of the references and comments about the site really funny and added to the experience of reading this book.

I found the time span of this book a little odd just because this whole book is only five days of the character’s lives which seems like a very short space of time.

In the end I enjoyed this book but to be honest, it felt like more of a lesson about wishful thinking that a well thought out plot, meaning the idea was good but the execution could have been better. I liked the characters, especially Tyson and Kellan, the two best friends, and found this to be a quick light read for the start of the new year. I would recommend this if you like contemporary YA fiction and I would give it a 3.5 but closer to a 4 than a 3 if that makes sense!


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