Anatomy of a Single Girl by Daria Snadowsky

‘Anatomy of a Single Girl’ is the companion/sequel to ‘Anatomy of a Boyfriend’, which I read and reviewed in November, and follows Dominique’s life after her previous break-up into new relationships as she’s grows to learn more about herself and how to grow up now she is in university (or college as it is called in the book).

I got hooked into this book straight away. Last month, when I read ‘Anatomy of a Boyfriend’, I  put off picking up this book because I wanted to savour the series (with there only being two books) but I caved one morning before work, when I had about an hour spare, and ended up not putting it down literally until I had to leave the house. When I returned from work I just carried on reading and I have to say that there aren’t many books that can hook me in quite that much, especially within only the first few pages. The book just carries on so seamlessly from the first, though you could definitely read this even if you haven’t read the other one, and the writing style is completely addictive.

This was a really quick read, with every chapter being only about 10 pages long, and the writing style being so simple and flowing so well. Although this was so easy to read, and such a quick read at that, I felt myself wanting to savour it as I was reading, wanting to make it last longer, which obviously didn’t happen! I honestly couldn’t put this down and in a way, I think I actually preferred this to ‘Anatomy of a Boyfriend’ although they are both excellent young adult books, definitely suitable for older YA readers and adults alike.

There were some awkward moments to read, like the gynaecological examination, but if you are mature about it, it’s fine. As I said, this is for older readers so it is fit for the intended audience. Again, the sex scenes were handled really well and still seemed realistic.

Plot wise, I’m not going to say too much, just because this is a companion novel and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who wants to read it. All I will say is that although slightly predictable, as I believe most romances are, the realism in this novel is outstanding. I could see myself in Dominique, I could see my own relationships in comparison to hers, and it makes it so real, especially the way the book ended.

If you have any doubts about this book, I would say go for it; the worst that can happen is that you don’t like it, the best is that it may become one of your new favourites, as it has mine.


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