Shimmerspell by Kimberly Spencer

This 87 page novella was free  on Amazon and honestly, I downloaded it mostly because of the cover. I’m not usually one for the typical ‘girl on the cover’ thing that happens a lot with YA, but in this case I really like it. I didn’t really know anything about the story and when I found that it was about faeries I was a bit worried – and my worries turned out to be valid.

The insta-love really annoyed me in this story. Not meaning to be harsh but it was almost as though the author wrote a great kissing scene and then fleshed it out with supernatural stuff for no particular reason. The characters weren’t developed enough to make me care about whether they got together or not by the time they did and I just didn’t feel invested in the story.

I think this book had the makings of a great story but it should have been developed and edited a lot more. I kind of like that the writing style was simplistic as it kept me engaged in the story and I remained interested throughout but some of the events were just too cliche for my liking.

Overall this story was interesting enough but I don’t think that I will be carrying on with the series as I really don’t feel like I connected with the characters. I think this may have been partly down to the faerie aspect though so if you’re into faeries maybe give this a try.


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