December Challenge

Sarah from ClumsinessIsACurse on Youtube is doing a December Challenge where she is going to attempt to finish 5 series before the end of December so she can start 5 new series in January.

I won’t be doing that because out of all the series I have to finish, I don’t own all the books or they are massive so won’t be possible. Instead I am going to make a list of books that I will attempt to read by the end of the year. Hopefully I will be able to finish them all. These are all going to be books that I have been putting off or have had on my shelf forever.

The Name of the Wind I really want to read ‘The Name of the Wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss before the end of the year (or at least start it)! I have heard nothing but amazing things about this series, especially from Catriona from LittleBookOwl, and it has been on my shelf for over a year. I have been putting it off because of the tiny writing and the fact that it has 662 pages but I have recently picked it up and although I’m only 30 pages through at the moment, I’m really liking it so hopefully I get it finished by the end of the year.

Heart of DarknessI need to read ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad because it on my reading list for this semester and I should have already read it by now! I’ve heard mixed things from the other people in my class so haven’t felt the need to pick this up yet but I should try to before the year in out.

William Shakespeare's Star WarsI received ‘William Shakespeare’s Star Wars’ by Ian Doescher from Quirk books and I really need to read it! A combination of Shakespeare and Star Wars? Why is it still standing unread on my shelf you ask? I got intimidated by the fact that it’s Shakespeare…

Yes I’m a great English student. I understand how stupid it sounds but I want to read this before the end of the year.

The books below are others that I would like to read soon:

Life of PiThe Casual VacancyCloud AtlasGreat ExpectationsThe Hobbit or There and Back Again



  1. My opinion? Put off “The Casual Vacancy.” This only received 3 stars from me. It’s kind of dry and boring. I thought it could have been edited down about 150 pages. “The Life of Pi,” according to a friend of mine, is another you could stand to put off for a while. She also gave it only 3 stars. “The Hobbit” is a no-brainer in my opinion. Go for it. I’ve never read “Great Expectations” but I’ve heard mixed reviews from friends.

    • I do really want to read the Hobbit! I was going to read it before the first film came out but that never happened….so maybe before the second? 😛

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