Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

‘Wonderstruck’ is one of those books that I have seen many times, both online and instore, but have never picked up for some reason. I was surprised to find this in the library and after reading about 100 pages of it when I was there last week, I went back to get it so that I could finish it because I got so hooked into the story.

The way the two storylines are told is very unique; Ben’s story is told through text and Rose’s through images. The images themselves are beautifully illustrated and have just the right level of detail to tell the story but don’t slow your reading too much.

The writing style is simple yet descriptive enough to make the reader feel invested in the story. It really gets across what it’s like to be deaf or know someone that is, which is something that I have never experienced before in a book.

This is such a quick, fast-paced read despite it being 640 pages. I won’t say anything really about what happens as it is better if you read it for yourself but I did find this to be an emotional and heart-warming read suitable for any age group.

This is a short review for a long book but I think that if you just pick this book up and flick through a bit, you’ll want to see what it’s like for yourself anyway.

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