Untimed – Andy Gavin

Title: Untimed

Author: Andy Gavin

Time travel? Romance? Action-packed adventure? Andy Gavin delivers it all in his new release by Mascherato Publishing, ‘Untimed’. This action-packed novel follows Charlie, a character who no-one really seems to even notice, on his adventures through time to find his father, and surprisingly a whole lot more along the way.

I found the writing style of this book unique, in that it was written from the point of view from a fifteen year-old time traveller, which makes for some interesting insights and thoughts about the characters and environments around him, building a clearer picture in the mind of the reader. On the whole, the plot was fast-paced and exciting; it had everything you could ask for in this kind of novel. Usually I’m not a big fan of romance in novels that revolve around teenagers, but I found that the relationship that blossomed in this one really did feel quite natural; there was no “inst-love” and the relationship definitely developed progressively over time. Also, with regards to the writing and plot, I found it magical how the author transported the reader to the different times seamlessly, building a world that was full of depth and believable characters and events.

The characters in this were amongst the strongest I have read about although I did dislike a few of them, but this was because they were portrayed as the antagonists and, especially Donnie, made me quite angry, making me sympathize greatly with Yvain and Charlie. The Tocks were an interesting concept that I hope will be explained more in the sequel and the idea that there is a mystery surrounding them, as well as other aspects of the time travel in this novel, really kept me intrigued; so much so, that I finished this 325 page book in one day!

Although we book-lovers are told to ‘not judge a book by it’s cover’, it is definitely difficult not to with this one as the illustrations on the cover and throughout are just beautiful! They draw you into the story even further, giving a clear image in your mind as you read. Just the level of detail and the talent (of acclaimed artists Cliff Nielsen and Dave Phillips) that has been put into these images gives the reader yet more reason to read on.

‘Untimed’ by Andy Gavin was released in December 2012 and is a definite must-read to anyone who enjoys science-fiction, steampunk, romance, history or just a good-old fashioned sword fight! I would say that with regards to age-range, this novel is suitable for teenagers and older. Although at first, the story seems quite innocent and naïve, but steadily there is more graphic sexual references and violent scenes that I think anyone younger than teenagers should not really be reading about.


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