Executing the List – K. B. Lever

Title: Executing the List

Author: K. B. Lever

After reading ‘Manipulating the List’ (the first book in the Immortal Companion series, which I have already reviewed here), I was really looking forward to the second instalment. I can’t really say much about the plot as it would spoil the first book for anyone that hasn’t read it, but I feel comfortable commenting on other aspects of the story; characters, writing and overall enjoyability.

The writing style is as articulate and flowing as in the first book, with the characters developing steadily. I really liked the pacing of this story, although slow in parts, and found it difficult to put down at times. However, the plot wasn’t as strong as in ‘Manipulating the List’ but one thing I did enjoy about this plot was the introduction of all of the side characters and their stories, before they are collected.

Near the end of the book, I found some of these side characters slightly distracting but I did like how some of them strengthened parts of the first book as well as this one. I did manage to read this book mostly in one day and I think that that is largely down to the writing style and the main characters; Katherine is enjoyable to read about because (due to the first person narrative) the reader goes on this strange and terrifying journey with her, and Jonathan is just as creepy as in the first book, yet a lot more intriguing.

I have to say, the end of this book was impeccable and left me craving for more. I would have to give ‘Executing the List’ 4 out of 5 stars as although it isn’t as good as the first, this was a great sequel and left me wishing that the third book in the series was available!


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