Reckless – Cornelia Funke

Title: Reckless

Author: Cornelia Funke

When I was a lot younger, I loved books by Cornelia Funke but I’ve never read this one, and when I found it for just £1 in WHSmiths, I couldn’t resist. I think that this version of the book is gorgeous with it’s embossed metallic typography and intriguing illustrations on the book jacket, and when you take the jacket off, the hardcover itself is interesting too. I really liked the small illustrations that were done by the author that were at the beginning of each chapter as they are subtle but give you an idea of what might happen in the story.

The synopsis of the book makes it sound like a really interesting and magical book, and sure, it was action-packed and was set in a magical world, but the world didn’t seem very believable to me. I liked that it was vaguely based on other popular fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel but I think that the world could have been developed a lot more. At first some of the characters were interesting but I found that they began to get annoying about a third of the way through. Despite the negative aspects of the book, I did find myself gripped, waiting to see where the story would go, anxious to see what happened to the characters. In that way, I think that the book was very good at keeping the reader’s attention.

Overall I would give this book 3 out of 5 but I think that if I was a lot younger, I would have loved it. I would recommend this book for readers of maybe 13? It was definitely action packed and the writing flowed well, but it would be more suitable for someone around that age. It did have everything; romance, action, drama and some comedy, so my rating definitely doesn’t reflect the quality of the book, more my own opinion.


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